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Horror streaming Guide: The Scarlet Claw

When a gentlewoman is found dead with her throat torn out, the villagers blame a supernatural monster. But Sherlock Holmes, who gets drawn into the case from nearby Quebec, suspects a human murderer.

TAGLINE: "Holmes vs. Monster!"

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Its release date is Friday May 26, 1944

Production details

Director Roy William Neill
Cast Basil Rathbone, Gerald Hamer, Nigel Bruce & Paul Cavanagh
Genre Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Country of origin United States of America
Release date 1944-05-26
Theme Sherlock Holmes
Script Arthur Conan Doyle (characters), Brenda Weisberg (story), Edmund L. Hartmann (screenplay), Paul Gangelin (story) & Roy William Neill (screenplay)
Runtime 74 min


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