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Can you stream the Horror movie Prey for the Beast, directed by Brett Kelly & starring Dan Tait, Jodi Pittman, Kerri Draper & Thea Nikolic on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime?
Horror streaming Guide: Prey for the Beast

A group of weekend warriors go into the woods to avoids the troubles of home life when they meet a group of sexy hikers out to do the same. Unbeknown to the two groups, a predatory animal ...

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Its release date is Saturday August 25, 2007

Production details

Director Brett Kelly
Cast Dan Tait, Jodi Pittman, Kerri Draper & Thea Nikolic
Genre Horror
Country of origin Canada
Release date 2007-08-25
Theme Crocodilians, Hikers, Low-budget & Weekend Warriors
Place setting Northern Territory
Location Australia
Script Brett Kelly (story) & Jeff O'Brien (screenplay)
Runtime 76 min


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