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Horror streaming Guide: I Walked with a Zombie

A Canadian nurse is hired to care for the wife of a sugar plantation owner, who has been acting strangely, on a Caribbean island.

TAGLINE: "See this strange, strange story of a woman whose lure set brother against brother; whose love caused hate—and whose beauty bowed to the will of an evil spell in whose power we must refuse to believe—EVEN IF IT'S TRUE!"

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Its release date is Wednesday April 21, 1943

Production details

Director Jacques Tourneur
Cast Edith Barrett, Frances Dee, James Ellison & Tom Conway
Genre Drama, Fantasy & Horror
Country of origin United States of America
Release date 1943-04-21
Theme Calypso, Island, Nurse, Plantation, Superstition, Suspense, Val Lewton & Zombie
Script Ardel Wray (screenplay), Curt Siodmak (screenplay) & Inez Wallace (original story)
Runtime 69 min


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