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Can you stream the Drama, Horror & Mystery movie HAGER, directed by Kevin Kopacka & starring Anna Heidegger, Clara Westhoff, Jürgen F. Schmid & Philipp Droste on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime?
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After his colleague Schweitzer goes missing during a drug raid, undercover cop Till Hager is tasked with tracking down a mysterious new drug called "Abaddon" - a substance which supposedly drags it's users down the deepest depths of hell.

TAGLINE: "Hell is one drop away"

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Its release date is Wednesday January 15, 2020

Production details

Director Kevin Kopacka
Cast Anna Heidegger, Clara Westhoff, Jürgen F. Schmid & Philipp Droste
Genre Drama, Horror & Mystery
Country of origin Germany
Release date 2020-01-15
Theme Arthouse, Deicide Fiction, Demons, Drugs, Family, Hell, Heracles, Horror, Inferno & Police
Place setting Ancient Greece
Script H.K. DeWitt & Kevin Kopacka
Costs $35,000
Runtime N/A


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