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Antrum was shot sometime in the late 1970's most likely somewhere in Southern California. Many people in the cinephile community believe Antrum is cursed, since it was closely tied with a number of disturbing incidents that had occurred in both the US and Eastern Europe throughout the 1980's. Namely, a number of people have died, or been seriously injured during or shortly after watching this film. As a result of these incidents Antrum disappeared, or was deliberately buried by people who were apprehensive about its continued screening. This latest release of Antrum has been re-titled because it is preceded by a 15-minute documentary before the original, un-altered version of the film begins.

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Its release date is Friday November 1, 2019

Production details

Cast Nicole Tompkins & Rowan Smyth
Genre Horror
Country of origin United States of America
Release date 2019-11-01
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