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Can you stream the Horror & Mystery movie Agyaat, directed by Ram Gopal Varma & starring Gautam Rode, Ishtiyak Khan, Priyanka Kothari & Rasika Dugal on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime?
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When the Camera breaks down deep in the jungle, resulting in a four-day delay, the 9-member cast and crew of a Bollywood movie, including leading lady, Aasha, and her egoistic co-star, ...

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Its release date is Friday August 7, 2009

Production details

Director Ram Gopal Varma
Cast Gautam Rode, Ishtiyak Khan, Priyanka Kothari & Rasika Dugal
Genre Horror & Mystery
Country of origin India
Release date 2009-08-07
Place setting Forests
Script Nilesh Girkar, Prashant Pandey (lyrics), Puneet Gandhi, Sandip Singh (lyrics) & Sarim Momin (lyrics)
Cinematography Surjodeep Ghosh
Music Imran Bapi Tutul
Runtime 130 min


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