Phantasm: Ravager Trailer Released

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Phantasm: Ravager Trailer Released

The Tall Man is back with the release of this new Phantasm: Ravager trailer and those deadly flying silver spheres are coming at you.  Phantasm: Ravager is the fifth and final installment of the long running Phantasm series.

You can see the Phantasm: Ravager trailer below, courtesy of EW.

Phantasm: Ravager is directed by David Hartman.  The movie stars A. Michael Baldwin, Reggie Bannister, and Angus Scimm as The Tall Man.

Synopsis:  The cult favorite Phantasm series comes to close as Mike and Reggie join forces across time and space to finish off the Tall Man once and for all.

Phantasm: Ravager is set to be released on VOD on October 4, 2016.  The movie will be released into theaters on October 7, 2016.


Also to be released in theater is the restored version of Don Coscarelli’s Phantasm. The 4K remaster of Phantasm was overseen by J.J. Abrams.

Synopsis:  The residents of a small town have begun dying under strange circumstances, leading young Mike (Michael Baldwin) to investigate. After discovering that the Tall Man (Angus Scrimm), the town’s mortician, is killing and reanimating the dead as misshapen zombies, Mike seeks help from his older brother, Jody (Bill Thornbury), and local ice cream man Reggie (Reggie Bannister). Working together, they try to lure out and kill the Tall Man, all the while avoiding his minions and a deadly silver sphere.

You can see the Phantasm Remastered Trailer below, courtesy of Bloody Digusting.


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