‘The Disappointments Room’ Trailer & Poster Released

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The Disappointments Room is set to be released in theaters on September 9, 2016. Horror fans got a look at the official trailer and poster.  The film is directed by D.J. Caruso based on a script written by Wentworth MillerThe Disappointments Room stars Kate Beckinsale, Mel Raido, Lucas Till, and Gerald McRaney.

The Disappointments Room

The film tells the story of one family’s terror-filled encounter within their new home. Dana and David together with their 5 year old son Jeremy are looking for a new start. They move into their dream house which is a large beautiful old rural home. Hidden within the attic that find a secret room. When frightening and unexplainable events lead Dana to discover the long lost key to this room, she accidentally unlocks a host of unimaginable horrors that reveal the house’s past is terrifyingly tied with her own.

The trailer indicates the film is based on true events.  I would be interested in learning more about the back story. It looks like the film has a cool creepy look with the large mysterious house with something lurking around waiting to be unlocked and discovered.  It doesn’t hurt that the film stars a blonde Kate Beckinsale which that alone almost makes it a must see. I plan on putting The Disappointments Room on my must watch list.

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