Review: Marcus Dunstan’s THE NEIGHBOR Thrills

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Marcus Dunstan’s new film, The Neighbor, is set to be released on September 6, 2016.  In July, the poster and trailer for the film was released.  Based on the trailer, The Neighbor looks very promising.  Horror n Chill got a sneak peek of the film.  And guess what? The Neighbor is set to thrill horror fans.

The Neighbor is the latest horror/thriller from writing duo Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton.  Marcus and Patrick are known for The Collector, The Collection, Saw IV, Saw V, and Saw VI.  The film stars Josh Stewart, Luke Edwards, Bill Engvall, and Alex Essoe.  Yeah, you read right….Bill Engvall. And Bill Engvall is not funny. The Neighbor is scored by SAW composer and original Nine Inch Nails band member Charlie Clouser.  Read our exclusive interview with Charlie Clouser where he discusses The Neighbor.

The film is set in rural Cutter, Mississippi. It’s small town U.S.A.  A place where people move and live because they want to be away from the rest of the world. They mind their own business and expect their neighbors to do the same.  Everyone has secrets.  Secrets that people are willing to kill for.

John (Josh Stewart) and his girlfriend Rosie (Alex Essoe) operates a low key strategic support site for the drug trade.  There isn’t much to do for entertainment. Rosie takes to looking through her telescope at their creepy neighbor Troy (Bill Engvall).  John warns her to stop watching the neighbor. But she doesn’t listen.

While John is away, Rosie is watching Troy. A wounded man comes running through Troy’s yard and Troy chases him. As Rosie watches, Troy brutally beats the man to the ground. Than Rosie discovers that Troy knows she is watching.

Later that evening, John comes home to find that Rosie is missing. John senses something is wrong. He sees the telescope pointing at Troy’s house. He believes that Troy took Rosie.  John decides to break into Troy’s home to see if he can find her.

What John discovers is that Troy has a secrets hidden in his hellish basement.


Overall, The Neighbor is a must see film. I plan on adding it to my collection.  The film is not your cookie cutter horror film.  The Neighbor is more of a crime thriller with strong horror elements. It doesn’t play by all the rules of your standard horror films but does so enough that horror fans will really enjoy the film.  The film has an indie feel to it which I think is better because it allows the filmmakers to be more creative.  The masks they used and the color/feel of the film was great.  The decision to cast Bill Engvall as Troy was right on.  The Neighbor is more thrills than gore but in my opinion that’s okay.

Horror fans should definitely check out The Neighbor on September 6, 2016 on DVD, Digital HD, or Video On Demand.



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