[Brooklyn Horror Fest Review] ‘We Are The Flesh’ is Utterly Insane

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[Brooklyn Horror Fest Review] ‘We Are The Flesh’ is Utterly Insane

Writer and Director Emiliano Rocha Minter’s We Are The Flesh was the centerpiece feature film at the inaugural 2016 Brooklyn Horror Film Festival.  The screening marked the film’s East Coast Premiere.  We Are The Flesh is a unique yet utterly insane film that will likely get mixed reactions from horror fans.

We Are The Flesh Poster

Many viewers will get offended by the pornographic images in the film. Others will be shocked by the content. While others will embrace the insanity. And some will simply not get the film at all.  We Are The Flesh is one of those movies that everyone who watches it will have to judge the movie for themselves. There is no right or wrong answer.  But here is my take and I have some spoilers but not many.

We Are The Flesh is kind of an arthouse style horror.  If you liked Neon Demon than you will probably love We Are The Flesh.  In my opinion, We Are The Flesh is much better than Neon Demon.  And for the record, I didn’t enjoy Neon Demon at all.

The synopsis provided for We Are The Flesh stated “After wandering a ruined city for years in search of food and shelter, two siblings find their way into one of the last remaining buildings. Inside, they find a man who will make them a dangerous offer to survive the outside world.”

The synopsis is one way of looking at the story.  Here is what I think happened:

A brother and his sister enter a run-downed vacant building looking for food and shelter.  They discover a man that already lives in this building named Mariano.  Mariano has created his own world inside this building where he has been expanding his mind using LSD. Mariano has broken through to alternate realities and insanity. He decides that he is going to basically mind fuck the two siblings.  And he attempts to expand their minds.

He allows them to live in his building but they have to work and do as he says. Mariano makes them help him build a cardboard cave that really looked impressive. After the cave is completed, he has managed to get in their heads and introduce them to his insanity.


The sister understands and embraces Mariano’s insanity while her brother isn’t quite sold.  Part of Mariano’s teachings is to ignore the rules of society and unleash the natural insanity in one’s mind. Don’t live by social norms. Don’t limit the flesh’s desire.

Mariano convinces the sister into sucking her brother’s cock. And he convinces the brother into fucking his sister. Mariano watches and masturbates inside the homemade cave as it all goes down like some crazy 1960s porno.  The incestuous fuck fest signals that the sister is fully committed to embracing insanity while Mariano takes their experience to the next level.

The film continues with themes of S&M, murder, and cannibalism. I stop there as I don’t want to spoil too much of the film’s perverted journey.

We Are The Flesh

Is We Are The Flesh a good movie? 

That is a question each viewer will have to decide for themselves. I found it very interesting.  If you are looking for a PG-13 rated horror experience with limited violence and a couple of jump scenes than We Are The Flesh is definitely not for you.

If you were looking for a film to watch while you take some LSD or other psychedelic drugs. And you wanted to ponder the meaning of life or the teachings of Timothy Leary or Carlos Castaneda than this is absolutely the film for you.

If you are somewhere in between the two examples noted above than you will have to check it out and decide for yourself.  I do want to say that Noé Hernandez is an amazing actor. I hope someone casts him in the United States in a horror film as a psychotic serial killer.

Get a glimpse of the insanity in the trailer for We Are The Flesh. Special thanks to the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival for screening these unique films. Learn more about the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival by clicking here.



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