[Brooklyn Horror Fest Review] Let Her Out

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[Brooklyn Horror Fest Review] Let Her Out

The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival featured the United States Premiere of the Canadian horror film Let Her Out. Let Her Out is the latest film from the Antisocial series director Cody Calahan.  The film was produced by Black Fawn Films who also produced the gross out film Bite.


Let Her Out opens up with a prostitute servicing her customers at in a seedy motel room. After finishing her customers off, a mysterious stranger arrives at her room and proceeds to rape her. Eight or nine months later, the pregnant prostitute decides to kill her baby but only ends up killing herself.

Twenty three years later, Helen is celebrating her birthday by revisiting the seedy motel. When she leaves on her bicycle, Helen is hit by a car and suffers a head injury. After returning from the hospital, Helen begins to suffer from what appears to be episodes of hallucinations or maybe sleepwalking.

What she quickly discovers is that there is something inside her that is evil. And that evil wants out.  Helen tries to maintain her sanity as this evil tries to overtake her.  But if you think this is simply a demonic possession movie think again.

Let Her Out

Let Her Out is a beautifully shot indie horror film. The scenes have a great color and feel which gives this indie movie a high studio feel.  Looking at the poster and trailer, I thought this was going to be a traditional demonic possession movie but the story does have some twists. The film does make use of some really good yet realistic special effects to create some gory scenes that you won’t find in a big Hollywood studio picture.  I think the gore coupled with the color and feel of the shots makes Let Her Out a really desirable film.  While Let Her Out is not groundbreaking, it’s a solid horror film that fans will enjoy.

Check out the trailer for Let Her Out.

Brooklyn Horror Film Festival

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