What’s the theme to American Horror Story Season 6?

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Does these 6 hidden teasers hold the secret as to what’s the theme for American Horror Story Season 6? On September 14th, American Horror Story is set to return to FX. But what is the theme to Season 6? These teasers have left fans wondering what could it but?


Here are your clues:

Teaser 1 was entitled Descent. The clue on the description that was provided stated “We’re everywhere.” It featured an individual running down stairs maybe into a dark basement with hands grabbing at the feet. The stairs look metal. Maybe an industrial building or a spaceship? Or a funeral home?

Teaser 2 was entitled Lullaby.  The clue on the description that was provided stated “Raising hell.” It featured a crib with a creepy mobile and the hand of a creature type baby.  Is the baby hand a demon? A monster? Or maybe an alien? Remember the aliens from Season 2?

Teaser 3 was entitled Milli Crossing. The clue on the description that was provided stated “Creeping… creeping.” It featured a millipede crawling across the face of a lady.

Teaser 4 was entitled Post Op. The clue on the description that was provided stated “Recovery.” It features a man having his head stapled as he is laying on the floor or maybe a metal table. The man giving the staples says “Try to keep it dry?” Is this part of some medical experiment?

Teaser 5 was entitled Sunset Stroll. The clue on the description that was provided stated “Step by step.” It features a man, woman, and child walking. The trio looks like maybe farmers but they each have eyes that glow.

Teaser 6 was entitled What’s Cooking?  The clue on the description that was provided stated “It’s happening.” Are they referring to something happening in the story or just the fact that American Horror Story is coming back?  It features what looks like a farmhouse with smoke rising up and the sound of a chainsaw. Is this just the creators of AHS paying homage to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Or is this a chainsaw being used to cut up someone who is being cooked?

Other clues include:

Lady Gaga, Denis O’Hare, Cheyenne Jackson, Angela Bassett, Evan Peters, and Matt Bomer are returning.

And Season 6 is suppose to take place in two separate time periods.

But are these clues actually clues are just merely a clever marketing campaign.  Based on these teasers the possibilities of the theme could be endless.

Maybe it is about a farm community set in two time periods where weird things are happening. You could have a family that are cannibals.  A family that is raising a half alien and human baby because the aliens from Season 2 came back. And a doctor that is experimenting on the humans and aliens. Who knows? I think it will be some kind of redneck farm cannibals.

If I was pitching concepts to the American Horror Story creators, I would pitch American Horror Story: Cult, American Horror Story: Funeral Home, or American Horror Story: Paranormal Investigation.

What do you think the theme of American Horror Story Season 6 will be?

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