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A Rob Zombie’s 31 Doom Head Prequel Movie?

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A Rob Zombie’s 31 Doom Head Prequel Movie?

After watching Rob Zombie’s 31 in theaters and again on blu-ray, it became clear to me that if there was ever a need for a character to have a prequel or origin movie Doom Head would be the case.  Even if you were not a huge fan of the movie, it is hard to deny that Doom Head pretty much made the film.

Richard Brake’s portrayal of Doom Head contained some of the best dialogue in a horror film ever. From “in hell everybody loves popcorn” to “I’m not crazy, I’m in control,” Doom Head dominated the big screen in 31.

Doom Head

With such a strong character, why is there no Doom Head origin or prequel movie in the works?

A look at Rob Zombie’s IMDB page shows that he has 4 projects in development. He is set to direct and write Broad Street Bullies. A film about the story of the rough and tumble U.S. hockey team, The Philadelphia Flyers, during the 1970s. Raised Eyebrows which is a film about the life of comedian Grouch Marx during his final years. The movie is based on Steve Stoliar’s book “Raised Eyebrows: My Years Inside Groucho’s House.” Zombie is producing and writing The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning which is an animation horror movie. And finally, Rob Zombie is set to direct and executive produce a made for T.V. movie entitled Trapped which is about a wealthy family held captive by a bizarre cult.

None of those 4 projects appear to be anything close to what fans of Rob Zombie horror movies want.

My question to Rob Zombie and Richard Brake is simple. Why is there no Doom Head prequel or origin movie in the works?

Maybe there isn’t a clear understanding of what a Doom Head backstory would look like? If that’s the case then let me provide you some assistance.

Here is what I think would be a great Doom Head origin story:

Rob Zombie’s 31 took place on October 31, 1976.  The first scene in the movie is from the year before where Doom Head kills the preacher. So let’s assume that Doom Head has been killing at 31 for 5 years. So since 1971.

A Doom Head prequel or origin movie should show how he came to work as a killer at 31 in 1971.

If you remember in 31, Doom Head says that Doom Head isn’t what he calls himself. It is what he is they call him.

So what is his real name? Where is he from? And how did he become a killer?

Doom Head was born Tom Lyon Everett in the mountains of West Virginia.

The Everett family has lived for numerous generations in an isolated hollow in the Appalachian Mountains.  They lived off the land and knew how to earn a living from the mountains.

Tom was a natural living off the land. He knew how to gather the best ginseng in the mountains to earn extra money. He was the best hunter. Tom was at home in the woods.

As he grew older, Tom moved from the family home to an old cabin he had been working on in the mountains nearby. He loved to spend his time reading. And took to studying military history especially World War II, Greek mythology, and classical literature. While it was hard for him to get these book, he somehow found a way to wet his appetite for his taste in books.

It was around this time that a group of six college students went missing in the mountains near the hollow where the Everetts lived. There was rumors around the area that the Everett family were all a bunch of cold blooded killers and would murder anybody that trespassed. However, nobody could prove this.

Apparently, one of the missing kids came from a wealthy family that hired a private detective. The private detective went missing too. This prompted the local sheriff to send Deputy Williams to visit the Everett family.

During the visit, Deputy Williams took a liking to Tom’s sister, Sue. Shortly after the visit, Tom found Sue in the mountains. She was beat up and her dress was torn. Sue told Tom how Deputy Williams raped her.

Tom set out and found Deputy Williams. When the authorities found Deputy Williams’ body, the Deputy was sitting on the hood of his patrol car. He was gutted and tied up with his intestines. His cock was cut off and stuffed in his month.

News of Deputy Williams’ death spread through the area. Tom was taken into custody. The judge knew about the rape and didn’t want that to make it into the news. So the judge gave Tom a choice. Tom could stand trial and would be found guilty of murder. Or Tom could join the military and go fight in the Vietnam War.

Tom said he would join the military. Deputies took him down to the recruiting station and Tom joined the United States Marine Corps.

After completing Marine Corps Recruit Training at Parris Island, South Carolina; Tom was later assigned to the 1st Battalion, 9th Marines in Vietnam.  Because the 1st Battalion 9th Marines had the highest casualty rate in the Vietnam War the unit was called “The Walking Dead.”

Tom thrived in this environment of chaos, death, and violence. Rumors have it that Tom would sneak away at night and murder people in the local villages. But no one could ever prove it.

After finishing his tour, Tom returned back to the states. He hitchhiked around the United States. People disappeared everywhere he went. Late one night, he was summons to an old factory. There he meets Father Murder who recruits him to be a head.

After participating in his first game of 31, Father Murder renames him Doom Head. Doom Head becomes a part of 31 as well as other games of murder and death.

There you go. A possible Doom Head 31 prequel?


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