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Help George A. Romero Get His Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

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Help George A. Romero Get His Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

If anyone deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it’s legendary director and writer George A. Romero. However, the cost of him receiving the star is $60,000. That’s right, $60k for someone to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Apparently, you have to pay for the actual star and the star reception events. With the passing of George this year, the cost of the star would be a hardship on his family and estate.

That is where we as horror fans come in play.  It’s up to the fans to make this possible. George inspired many of us to create films, enjoy horror, write, and contribute to the genre that we all love.  The least we can do is throw a few dollars to the cause by contributing to the Romero Star Fund which is supported by Malcolm McDowell.

They need to raise $35k and you can contribute by clicking the Indiegogo link here.

Indiegogo Synopsis:

Hello –

As you may be aware, George A. Romero was nominated and selected to receive his, long over due, star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this October.  The enormous costs associated with this honor are well over $60,000 (including the price of the actual star, and star reception events).  We are turning to you who knew and loved George for help to complete our star completion fund.  Please look at our Donation Levels for the benefits you will receive.

Your assistance in this great celebration, honoring this wonderful man, is truly appreciated.

*Due to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce confidentiality agreement, regarding the star ceremony date, we are unable to disclose the date of the ceremony publicly. We will contact those who donate at the end of the fundraiser with the date in late October.


Chris Roe & Matt O’Neill

Organizers for George A. Romero Star Fund

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