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Todd Smith Talks ‘Behind The Sightings’

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Todd Smith Talks ‘Behind The Sightings’ caught up with filmmaker Todd Smith. Todd Smith is a North Carolina filmmaker whom is currently in production on his debut feature film ‘Behind The Sightings.’

‘Behind The Sightings’ documents Todd and Jessica Smith’s investigation into the recent sightings of creepy clowns.

Check out our exclusive interview with Todd Smith as he talks ‘Behind The Sightings’, creepy clowns, and horror.

What got you interested in filmmaking?

Todd Smith: My wife and I have always been fans of horror movies. Our first date consisted of take out, drinks, and watching Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead. After that we decided to watch The Evil Dead (2013) remake. When Jessica spent part of the evening debating the merits of the original versus the remake. Well, let’s just say I knew she was the one for me.

Todd & Jessica Smith Behind The Sightings

When we got married, our goal was to create something together. We were unsure if it would be a blog, Youtube channel, a television series, or a film. Jessica really liked the idea of a film. She says I have a good eye for directing. Anyone that knows Jessica knows how persuasive she can be. I started studying filmmaking techniques and researching. And here we are.

How did ‘Behind The Sightings’ come about?

Todd Smith:  Once we knew that we wanted to do a feature film; then it just became a matter of discovering which topic we wanted to investigate. Jessica and I have always been interesting in ghost hunting, UFO hunting, and paranormal investigations as a whole.

We started to look at some haunted spots in North Carolina. We went out and conducted some initial investigations of these locations. Then one evening we were watching the local news and we saw some of the reporting about these creepy clown sightings.

After we saw these stories we knew that this is what we are meant to do. Then it only became a matter of gathering the resources needed to turn this idea into a production.

What do you think is causing all these creepy clown sightings?

Todd Smith:  That is what we are hoping to find out with our film. You got to think. These clown sightings started in South Carolina. Kids were telling their parents that clowns were trying to lure them in the woods. Some people didn’t believe these kids. They thought the kids were lying. But the kids weren’t lying.


Now look what is going on. Almost every day when you turn on the news there is a new creepy clown sightings somewhere in the United States. And now this is spreading to Europe. The clowns are appearing not just in front of kids but also adults. You have grown people witnessing these sightings. But these are the ones making the news. Since we have started our investigation, we have learned that there is many more clown sightings that aren’t being reported by news outlets.  People are reaching out to us sharing their experiences with creepy clowns. It’s pretty exciting. And we can’t wait to share the results.

What is your style of filmmaking?

Todd Smith:  I have always been a fan of Robert Rodriguez’s guerilla style of filmmaking. I love his book Rebel Without A Crew: Or How a 23-Year-Old Filmmaker With $7,000 Became a Hollywood Play. I found it very inspiring. So I guess you can say my filmmaking style is guerilla but inspired by Robert Rodriguez.

Jessica and I have limited resources so I am focused on using our resources in a way that we can keep costs low but create a film that is super high quality.  You have to think in Robert Rodriguez’s day they couldn’t just roll the camera because they were filming on actual film. But now as a filmmaker, I can just roll and film and capture everything that happens. It’s amazing and I know when we are done the fans will love ‘Behind The Sightings.’

What your top 5 horror movies that you love?

Todd Smith: Wow, that’s a tough one because I love so many horror films. I love the classics 80s horror and I am a really huge fan of horror today especially some of the indie productions.

I can’t say that I have an absolute top 5 but here is my best shot in no particular order. Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Phantasm, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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