Scream Queen Ashley Mary Nunes Talks Horror, Cosplay, & More

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October 2016 marked the release of a new 1980s style Santa slasher All Through The House. caught up with Scream Queen Ashley Mary Nunes who plays Rachel Kimmel in All Through The House. Check out the exclusive interview below where Ashley talks horror, cosplay, and more with Mary Nunes

Congratulations on the success of All Through The House.  You did a great job playing Rachel Kimmel. How did you get involved with the project? And how was it working on a Santa slasher?

Ashley Mary Nunes: Thank you so much! This has been kind of surreal. Well, my brother, Todd Nunes wrote and directed the film. I was brought up loving the horror genre, the gore, the scare, the screams, and my brother’s terrifying stories. I am a huge fan of Todd’s as well, so of course I would jump on any opportunity to work with him. Plus, we have my lifetime working with each other.

Christmas is a special time out of the year for my family. It’s the time when we all come together. It only makes sense that we do a Christmas themed slasher together. Now, we have another holiday tradition to share with each other each year.

How did you get involved with cosplay?  And what are your favorite characters?

Ashley Mary Nunes: Well, I kind of always been involved with Cosplay. Todd was cosplaying before cosplay was called cosplay. I was brought up a DC Comics fan and I would alternate from Wonder Woman to Batgirl until Wonder Woman stuck around. I continued to upgrade my Wonder Woman costume over the years, which led to other interests in costumes. My favorites are Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Black Widow, and Elvira.

Ashley Mary Nunes


What horror films and/or actors have influenced your work as an actor and scream queen?

Ashley Mary Nunes: The opening sequence of John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ is my all time favorite scene in a horror movie. I am a huge fan of the continuous shot of young Michael’s POV. Jamie Lee Curtis was my first influence as a Scream Queen. I admire her movie presence and vulnerability on screen. I am a big fan of the Final Girls of ‘Friday The 13th’, especially Dana Kimmell, which my character from, ‘All Through The House’ is named after.

Ashley Mary Nunes

You play Tatum in Scary Larry, a film that features a creepy clown killer. Are you afraid of clowns? And what do you make of all these creepy clown sightings?

I’m not afraid of clowns, but I definitely grew up NOT a fan of clowns. When Todd was in High School, him and his friends were filming this slasher on VHS called, ‘No Such Thing’. Todd’s close friend, Ben Smith played Theodore the Clown. Ben, to this day is the creepiest clown I have ever seen. I remember I was sitting in my parent’s’ car and Ben was approaching my side. His mannerisms, his look, his voice, everything about him felt so real and so frightening. He was scary!

I haven’t come across a clown sighting yet, but it is something I would be curious to see. Clowns seem to be a hit at the moment. Unfortunately, ‘Scary Larry’ is sitting on a self due to a bunch of red tape and producer issues.

What can fans expect to see next from Ashley Mary Nunes?  An All Through The House 2?

I am very excited to team up with Todd and start filming on our next movie, ‘Death Ward 13’. It’s a reimagining of the 70’s cult classic, ‘Don’t Look In The Basement’. I am also very psyched to be working with director, Nicholas Hunt on his horror feature, ‘Safe Place’.

As for a sequel to, ‘All Through The House’… Todd most definitely has a story brewing, but I am not sure if or when that I will happen.

I am very social on social media… You can find me on Instagram @girl1der2002, Twitter @girl1der, Facebook AshleyMaryNunes, and Snapchat girl1der2002. And by visiting my website,

Also, if you want updates on my projects you can search ‘All Through The House’, ‘Death Ward 13’, and ‘Safe Place’ on IMDb and like and follow the social media accounts.

Ashley Mary Nunes

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