3GD’s Emily Kirkpatrick Talks Paranormal Investigations

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3GD’s Emily Kirkpatrick Talks Paranormal Investigations

Horrornchill.com caught up with paranormal investigator Emily Kirkpatrick. Emily is the co-founder of Illinois based paranormal investigation team 3 Girls In the Dark. In this exclusive interview, Emily Kirkpatrick talks with Horrornchill about 3GD, paranormal investigations, and more.

How did 3 Girls In the Dark come about?  How did you get interested in investigating paranormal activity?

Emily Kirkpatrick: 3GD (3 girls in the dark) came about around September 2012. Gina and I (both co-founders of the team) went to college for Graphic Design together and later reconnected via Facebook a few years after graduating. I had been watching Most Haunted and had also seen the Ghost Adventures documentary (which later propelled their series) and thought it was interesting that people went out and “hunted” for ghosts. I had also been on some of the local public paranormal tours and loved it so much that I kept attending the same one year after year. One day Gina posted on Facebook that she was going to do a paranormal tour at the Morse Mill Hotel in MO and asked if anyone wanted to join. I said YES! We are nicknamed “mom” and “dad” of the team, me being mom and Gina, Dad. So when we tell this story, it’s comical to say that Gina asked me and I said yes 😉 We fell in love with investigating and decided to put a real team together to do private investigations. I would be known as our “debunker” or “skeptic” of the team. Gina likes to dabble in witchcraft on occasion, and Christy, our 3rd girl, would be our empath. Christy was initially brought on as an intern but was later promoted to the 3rd girl position after a few years on the team. Outside of the “3 girls”, whom are the main investigators, we have an amazing crew of base camp bitches! Shona, is our case manager and handles the clerical side of the process as well as performing cleansings, should a client request one, along with the help of Christy. Ryan, our research specialist came along just last December, and Jeff our equipment tech who’s been with us for about 2 years now. And last but not least, our Medium Melissa, who’s been with us since last July! Melissa will do a reading of the property the day of, prior to us going in, giving us clues as to whom we may be communicating with during our investigation. She tends to make people cry at every location! But in a good way.

From left to right: Melissa (medium), Christy (3rd girl/empath), Shona (case manager), Gina (co-founder), Jeff (tech specialist), Me - Emily (co founder/debunker), and Ryan (research specialist)
From left to right: Melissa (medium), Christy (3rd girl/empath), Shona (case manager), Gina (co-founder), Jeff (tech specialist), Me – Emily (co founder/debunker), and Ryan (research specialist)

What kind of proof have you discovered during your paranormal investigations? 

Emily Kirkpatrick: We have discovered copious amounts of proof from the day we started our team. From class A EVPs to the floor shaking in 1 room of a house and lots in between. Balls of light bouncing in an auditorium seen by 3 people, a bell ringing at a church where all bells have been removed, the piano playing for 6 minutes while we went out to dinner and left the house locked and empty (same location as the floor shaking), and much more!

Many horror fans watched The Conjuring 2 this year and are familiar with the Warrens and their work. What are your thoughts on some of those cases like the Annabelle Doll or the Amityville Horror?

Emily Kirkpatrick: We are pretty familiar with the Warrens and their work. I believe that the root of the cases are true, but we all know how Hollywood dresses up stories, etc. The Amityville case is one that definitely frightens me for sure. I would love to get into that house!

If you could investigate paranormal activity at any site in the world what would be your top 3 places?

Emily Kirkpatrick: Top 3 places to investigate would be 1) Winchester Mansion, 2) Catacombs of Paris, and 3) Dracula’s Castle. All 3 have completely different types of hauntings and history, and hauntings that are different than the normal intrigue me.

What your favorite horror movies of all times?

Emily Kirkpatrick: Now this is a question that I cannot answer!! I do not have 1 favorite of all time, being that Horror is my favorite genre of all. So I have dozens and dozens of favorites. But I can narrow it down to my favorite paranormal horror and that would be The Others. Hands down best fictional paranormal movie in my mind.

How can fans follow and stay up to date on your paranormal investigations?

Emily Kirkpatrick: Fans can follow us on all social media, we are on every platform available! We add videos to our Youtube channel of our evidence as often as we can. You can find our cases and their stories on our website under the evidence page.









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